Is your business prepared?

Unfortunately, climate change, disasters, and widespread diseases have become all too frequent. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Fires. Mudslides. Earthquakes. Viruses. You name it, California has experienced it.

In the face of these challenging realities, have you ever wondered if your business is resilient? If your building is safe? If your data is secure? If you’ve prepared your employees to help respond to a crisis?

To help address these types of concerns and aid with statewide resiliency efforts, we’ve put together two different options to help your business better prepare for and respond to a disaster.

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The Resilient Business Challenge

The Resilient Business Challenge is a self-guided online tool curated by state and local economic development experts that includes five detailed steps to business resiliency.

Who This is For

Small to medium-sized businesses looking to dedicate themselves to workplace resilience and work through a more comprehensive online curriculum that will help prepare them for many types of disasters.

What to Expect

The Resilient Business Challenge includes a detailed five-step course that goes over topics such as Identifying Impacts of Disruption and Strengthening Facilities. The Challenge will walk you through each step and provide you with key information along the way.

How it Works

Once you’ve reviewed all of the primary areas of focus, you will walk away with a completion badge and the tools you need to Outsmart Disaster. In addition, you will gain access to select business continuity solutions for workplace recovery through our campaign partners.
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The Resiliency Resources

The Resiliency Resources are perfect for businesses looking for quick tips and tools to reference on their own time. The resources include a variety of items and will expand over time to help cover a range of resiliency topics.

Please note that you can always decide to take the Resilient Business Challenge at any time.

Who This is For

Small to medium-sized businesses looking to improve their workplace resilience and/or start their journey to being more resilient, but may have limited time or bandwidth.

What to Expect

Items included in the Resiliency Resources are links to key federal and statewide resources, compiled by our team experts.

How it Works

The Resiliency Resources can be downloaded at a time that is right for you, allowing you to work through them at your own pace to best fit with your business’ workflow.