What if...
a large-scale natural disaster hit California? Are you, your family, and your business prepared to Outsmart Disaster?

Outsmart Disaster

We live in a world more interconnected than ever before. Humans can’t live without technology and technology can’t live without humans. The Outsmart Disaster preparedness initiative aims to equip all Californians with the tools they need to be resilient in the face of natural disasters.
Infrastructure damage and fires will impact emergency response times.
Damaged power lines and cell towers will mean loss of power, internet, & cell service.
Without proper communication, confusion will rise about when and how to return to work.
With physical damage and less workforce, Bay Area businesses we rely on daily will be impacted.
Learn How To Prepare

Resilient Business Challenge

Unfortunately, climate change and natural disasters have become “the new normal.” Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Fires. Mudslides. Earthquakes. You name it, the state of California has experienced it.

We rely on businesses and technology every day, if not every second. Is your company resilient? Is your building safe? Is your data safe and secure? Have you considered how your employees will be impacted by a natural disaster? Are you ready to Outsmart Disaster?

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