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Business Resiliency Training Program

Cohort 1: Napa & Sonoma Counties

July 23rd to August 13th, 2020

Outsmart Disaster’s Business Resiliency Training Program is a free four-week training series that focuses on making California’s businesses more resilient to disasters before they strike.


Who It’s For

The training program is open to businesses, business assistance providers, and stakeholders in Napa and Sonoma Counties.


Program Overview

Through live webinars and supplemental resources, participants will be guided through the process of building a more resilient business. In addition to exploring key concepts, we will examine practical, easy-to-digest planning tools and templates made available by entities including the Department of Homeland Security, California Office of Emergency Services, and others to help businesses prepare and become more resilient to disaster.

The Outsmart Disaster lesson set is based on curriculum originally designed by regional and national economic development experts, including the U.S. Geological Survey, California Seismic Safety Commission and California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.


Lesson 1: Prepare and Anticipate


Lesson 2: Support Key Stakeholders


Lesson 3: Secure and Protect


Lesson 4: Adapt and Recover


Along the way, we will also be offering additional educational opportunities to the cohort such as deeper dives into subjects like business continuity planning or exploring specific financial tools.

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