The Scenario

The HayWired Scenario paints a vivid and realistic picture of a big Bay Area earthquake in today’s wired, wireless and connected Bay Area. More importantly, it provides a common frame for people (emergency, lifeline and business continuity managers) to add details to this picture, to improve our overall planning and preparedness.

The HayWired Scenario asks, “what if a Magnitude 7.0 earthquake happens on the Hayward Fault starting under Oakland, California, on 4/18/18 at 4:18PM?” Magnitude 7 earthquakes have happened again and again on the Hayward fault, most recently in 1868.

We’ve brought together experts from many disciplines to determine plausible hazards and impacts: ground shaking; fault rupture; landslides; liquefaction; damages to the built environment – including damage to water supply and the spread of fires – loss of community, and economic impacts. Our partners will use this plausible scenario to explore how they will be affected, what information they need, and what decisions they make before and after an earthquake. This input from partners provides even greater realism – sharpening the picture for everyone.

Through a series of formal and informal events, we will use that vision to engage more partners and ultimately provide an even clearer picture of our common threat and what we can do about it.