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Adapt and Recover

Understand Your Insurance

Review Insurance Plans

Meet with your insurance agent to review your current plan, discuss topics including property coverage limits, exclusions, deductibles, and co-insurance requirements.

Tip: If the disaster has hit other businesses as well, expect that insurance agents will be inundated with calls and emails. Make sure to have all of the necessary documentation in front of you when you contact your insurance company following a disaster.

Understand Your Finances

Review Finances

Maintain updated financial records and understand what your business would do in the event of a temporary shutdown. Consider recovery costs, temporary accommodations, travel expenses, and other potential needs caused by a disaster.

Tip: Meet with your financial institution to discuss post-disaster financing options. Meet with your payroll processor to discuss possibilities for an automated payroll run in the event of a disaster.

Document Your Contingency Options

Supply Stock

What are the critical supplies your business needs? Stock up and keep limited supply lists handy to enable rapid restock. Develop a plan for order and redistribution in case of an emergency.

Emergency Response Binders

Now that you have key elements of your resiliency plan, pull them all together in easily-accessible emergency response binders. Consider including floor plans, site maps (utilities), aerial photos, contacts, guidelines, building assessment forms.