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Resilient Business Challenge

The Resilient Business Challenge is a virtual, self-guided process composed of five steps. Each step covers a different topic and includes assessments, materials, training, and processes to help your business become more resilient.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs below.

Resilient Business Challenge FAQs

In order to be prepared for each step of the Challenge, we prompt you at the beginning with materials that you will need to work through the step. For example, step one asks for an inventory list.

Each resource within the Challenge has an estimated amount of time you should set aside to complete the action item. Duration will vary depending on your business’ unique characteristics, including size, industry, location, and more. Make sure to review the form ahead of time to gather the documents, employees, and equipment you’ll need to complete it.

No! You can start the challenge and then pick up where you left off at a later date by clicking the “Save Your Progress & Continue Later” button along the right-hand side of the page.

The Resilient Business Challenge is an easy and proactive way of addressing potential interruption incidents that could harm your business. In addition to helping you think through how you can shore up key vulnerabilities, you’ll receive a completion certificate and badge to let your stakeholders know that you are focused on long-term sustainability.

What We’ll Cover

Prepare & Anticipate

Document your business functions and identify impacts of disruption.

Support Key Stakeholders

Recognize key relationships with suppliers, vendors, partners; train and care for employees.

Secure & Protect

Strengthen facilities and safeguard data and vital documents.

Adapt & Recover

Understand your insurance and finances and document your contingency options.

Rinse & Repeat

Establish a process to continually re-assess risk at regular, predetermined intervals and trigger points.
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