Is your organization prepared for interruptions?

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Introducing Outsmart Disaster

Edison International is pleased to support Outsmart Disaster and bring tools, training, and resources to help Southern California businesses and nonprofits become resilient in the face of natural disasters and other hazards that could cause business interruptions.

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Sustainability Training for Nonprofits

Nonprofits provide valuable services to their communities and some of those services become even more important when those same communities are faced with disasters. This hour-long session sets the stage for nonprofit resiliency preparation by diving into intentional sustainability planning so you have the resources to support those you serve in difficult times.

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Resilient Business Challenge Preview

Want to hear an expert walk you through the steps on how to prepare your business for interruptions? This virtual workshop is perfect for small businesses, nonprofits, economic development stakeholders, and business associations to walk through Outsmart Disaster’s Resilient Business Challenge.

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Deep Dive Training Sessions

Interested in more hands-on instruction? These optional training sessions are open to anyone hoping to learn more about the forms and processes covered in the Resilient Business Challenge.

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