July 23, 2018

Meet a Resilient Business: Visa

Safety is paramount at Visa. At the global payments technology company, Visa, staff safety is its first priority. Visa takes the responsibility of keeping staff safe very seriously and ensures staff is prepared for any type of event.

A question Visa often asks staff members is: “If there was a life-threatening disaster or emergency, would you know what to do?” To ensure the answer to that question is “yes,” Visa has executed a number of annual events across multiple locations, modeled closely on FEMA’s “Prepareathons.” These events entail interactive, educational, and engaging activities that drive home the importance of being prepared anytime and anywhere. Visa invites national and local preparedness partners, such as fire, sheriff, and police departments, county office of emergency services, the American Red Cross, ReadyAmerica, and more to engage with staff and provide them with information and resources they need to keep themselves and their families safe.

Each event focuses on the types of disasters most likely to happen in that particular location. For example, Visa’s Foster City office in earthquake-prone California held campus-wide earthquake and evacuation drills, staff in Denver and Ashburn, Va. offices learned how to handle unforgiving winter storms, and the Miami staff got information and resources for surviving hurricanes.

One of the main benefits of these events is that Visa deepens its relationship with local emergency responders and preparedness partners. This symbiotic relationship helps Visa increase its “preparedness roots” in the community, and helps partners understand how prepared Visa – as an important local business – is, and where there might be gaps that they can fill together.

Lastly, since Visa believes communication is key, they use these events to incorporate testing of its emergency notification system. Visa tests the system with global staff annually, in every one of its offices, evaluating gaps and taking measures to remediate them, regardless of whether a Prepareathon has been held at that location.

Thank you Visa for all you have done, and continue to do, to be a resilient business.