January 24, 2019

LAEDC Creates Guide to Help Planning for Business Operations After Earthquakes

If you’re operating a business in California, you need to take steps to improve the chances that your business operations and systems will still run after an earthquake or other natural disasters by planning for Business Continuity, Business Resiliency and Disaster Recovery.

Consider the effects an earthquake may have on your business, including infrastructure damage that might prevent employees from getting to work for days or weeks. Included in the guide are suggested steps to take to help protect your people and keep your business systems running in that scenario. This will improve your chances of maintaining revenue as well as operations during the region’s recovery.

This guide’s recommendations are for your consideration, and every business is different. Some recom­mendations may be suitable for you and others not. Use this guide as a conversation starter to evaluate the best strategy for your business.

To view the guide in English, click HERE.

For a Spanish language version, click HERE.