June 6, 2018

From the California Seismic Safety Commission: Michael Gardner, Chairman


The occurrence of major worldwide disasters is increasing. Californians must become more informed on the realistic risks earthquakes and other natural disasters pose to communities and how to better be prepared for one. This fact was emphasized in 2017 with the devastating hurricanes and fires that struck the United States and Puerto Rico. California experienced the worst fire season in its history and is also long overdue for a devastating earthquake that could cause massive damage to the built environment and loss of life. The HayWired Scenario has used a realistic earthquake to examine the geophysical, engineering, social and economic effect of a M7.0 earthquake on the Hayward Fault in California’s Bay Area. It is imperative that communities, local government and the public are aware and informed of the effects of a possible earthquake such as this.

With the support and innovative work of the State of California, United States Geological Survey and various partners, the California Seismic Safety Commission is proud to support the HayWired OutSmart Disaster Campaign. Building around the scenario’s research and insights, this consumer-friendly platform and campaign informs target audiences on proactive earthquake preparedness, loss mitigation and how to recover quickly from this type of natural disaster.  The California Seismic Safety Commission is thankful for all the work that has been done by the many partners and contributors on the HayWired research and the many efforts at all levels to recognize and provide solutions to the challenge we collectively face. The Seismic Safety Commission supports and endorses the “Outsmart Disaster” campaign and its effort to bring groups together to be more prepared to reduce losses and speed economic recovery.


Mike Gardner, Chairman

California Seismic Safety Commission