Our Vision and Objectives

About Our Vision and Objectives

HayWired Vision & Objectives


  1. Improve communication of earthquake hazard science and engineering for use in decision-making processes.
    • Support use of science and engineering in risk reduction.
    • Improve understanding of benefits of earthquake early warning.
    • Educate about aftershocks and afterslip.
    • Enhance communications of forecasts.
  2. Help understand and inform actions to reduce earthquake risks.
    • Educate about building code performance objectives and public preferences for performance of new buildings.
    • Educate and facilitate conversations about reducing risks of post-earthquake fires.
    • Better anticipate environmental health issues.
    • Engage stakeholders in discussions about vulnerabilities and resilience in cyberinfrastructure and the Internet economy.
  3. Build community capacity to respond to — and recover from — earthquakes.
    • Facilitate conversations about lifeline restoration interdependencies.
    • Inform development of pre-disaster plans and policy interventions in emergency and recovery management, and hazard mitigation with an end goal of keeping residents & businesses in their communities.
    • Provide materials for emergency response, business continuity and recovery exercise.